Davis for Local Education

Davis County School Board


Our local Davis County School Board plays a key role in education in Davis County. Parents and community members should make every effort to be aware of school board discussions and be actively involved with the board members.

If you are uncertain which Davis County School Board precinct you live in, use our step-by-step guide to find your elected officials.

2017 Board Members and Contact Info

Precinct School Board Member Email
1 Liz Mumford emumford@dsdmail.net
2 John Robison jrobison@dsdmail.net
3 Julie Tanner jutanner@dsdmail.net
4 Brigit Gerrard bgerrard@dsdmail.net
5 Gordon Eckersley geckersley@dsdmail.net
6 Mona Andrus mandrus@dsdmail.net
7 Tamara Lowe tlowe@dsdmail.net

Davis County School Board Website: http://www.davis.k12.ut.us/Page/29

School Board Meetings

The meetings of the Davis County School Board are open to the public and it is important for parents and community members to attend and participate in these meetings.


The Board typically meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. However, meetings can be rescheduled or cancelled so be certain to check the Official Davis School Board Schedule. We also post the school board meetings on our Davis for Local Education Calendar.

Meeting Format

Each school board meeting can consist of two parts: Workshop and Formal Meeting. Both of these are open to the public. The Workshop is an open discussion time for board members to gather information and ask questions on subjects that will be up for vote or action in the Formal Meeting. The Formal Meeting immediately follows the Workshop, often with a short break between.

Note: Not all school board meetings will have a Formal Meeting scheduled.

Public Comment

Starting in the Spring of 2015, the School Board has implemented a Public Comment period for each meeting. The last 15 minutes of both the Workshop and Formal Meeting are scheduled for public comment.

DLE Involvement

Davis for Local Education helps coordinate participation at these meetings for parents that are concerned with local control of education. Participation can include everything from just showing up to addressing the board.

Meeting Reports