Davis for Local Education

Candidate: Julie Tanner

Office: Davis School Board, District 3 (2014 General Election)

2014 General Election Survey Questions and Answers

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Member Opinions

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From group member Lonis S.:

David Nelson

David stated that he believes that public school is the ‘great equalizer for all children.’ He believes that the most crucial issues our district faces are growth, curriculum and funding. He listed no plan on his questionnaire to remedy these, other than to put our collective heads together and think of something. He believes that increased funding will improve the quality of education, which, he believes, is a right. He is a strong advocate for increased funding, which he believes should come from private business, foundations and grants. He supports Utah’s efforts to reclaim public lands, which would also increase the income to public education. He believes that quality teachers could be attracted to our district if we increase funding and maintain current performance and accountability standards in evaluating our educators. He does not support vouchers or tax credits. He believes that it is important to implement technology in the schools and that it will bring additional ongoing costs that must be supported. He also believes there is no substitute for a live teacher in the classroom. He believes that as the state board has adopted Common Core, that it is the district board’s job to implement it. He refers to the ‘standards’ as a ‘curriculum’ and believes they are rigorous and high-quality and appropriately challenging and prepare our children for college and their future. He believes in local control, but believes that Utah’s Desk Standards are different than Common Core. He believes in listening to diverse opinions and solving issues without personal, political agendas.

Julie Tanner

Julie is both educated and well experienced in education. She believes that education should engage us to be better citizens. She believes there is a place for all types of schools, not just public. She believes that the most critical issues facing our district is Common Core, SAGE testing and listening to both parents and educators. She believes that Common Core has both positive and negative attributes. She is not in favor of raising taxes to fund education. She cares about a balanced budget and fiscal conservatism. She believes that teamwork will produce more funding and that educators should decide how the money is spent. She would like to see our salaries be more comparable to other districts to make the switch for teachers between districts more smooth without losing pay. She declines to comment on vouchers or tax credits without seeing the specific legislation. She believes that listening to each other makes everything better. She believes that the current single letter grade to rate schools uses measurements which are imperfect. She believes that technology in school is a useful tool, but human interactions with teachers is what ignites and moves children. She believes that the Common Core ‘curriculum’ is here whether we like it or not and is exciting, analytical and deeper thinking. She recognizes that the legislature and parents have concerns about the content.

My Comments

After hearing both candidates speak, I was no more impressed with David Nelson than I had been on paper. I was, however, much more impressed with Julie Tanner. She started out a bit timid. But, once she got warmed up, it was abundantly apparent just how much she cares about our children and their education. While I do not believe that she completely understands all the job entails, I am more than satisfied that she is head and shoulders above David Nelson as the better candidate for this job.