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Education Legislation - 2017

Keep track of the bills critical to local control of education for the 2017 Legislative Session

This material is not meant to be an all encompassing list of education bills, but those most critical to local control.

We do our best to keep this page updated, but the official Utah State Legislature website (http://le.utah.gov/) is the primary source for the most up to date information on the bills listed below. Be sure to check the Legislature's website for official information, particularly committee meeting times and bill status. Schedules for the House and Senate Education Committees, as well as contact information for committee members, can be found through our State Education Committees page.

The Legislature's website also includes a useful bill Tracking Service that will automatically inform you of updates to bills (http://le.utah.gov/asp/billtrack/track.asp).

State Legislation

Contacting your elected officials regarding critical issues is one of the most important steps we can take, especially during the legislative session.

Find the contact information for the House and Senate Education Committees here.
Find the contact information for your elected officials here.

Bill # Title Description Local Ed Stance Status Action
HB 136 Board of Education Revisions If the State School Board chooses not to implement a federal education program and this would result in the loss of some funding, this bill would allow the Board to request the state legislature mitigate the financial loss through the use of the Education Fund revenue surplus. This bill is a good step towards cutting the strings attached to federal funding and returning education decisions to our state and communities. Support Passed into law 3/29/17. None
SB 60 School District Amendments The original version of this bill would have required private schools to provide "personally identifable information" of a student with a disability to the local school or school board, even against a parents wishes. This was in conflict with parental and local control. However it was changed in Substitute 01 to require this only if the parent requests it or if the student enrolls at a local school. Neutral Not considered by the House Education Committee. None. With the changes made in Sub 1, we are no longer opposing this bill. Thank you to everyone that contacted their legislators to help make this change.
SB 78 Teacher Pedagogical Assessment Adds the additional requirement of passing a pedagogical assessment to receive a license to teach. This assessment would be created by the State School Board. There are already certifications in place to obtain a teacher's license. A local school should determine if additional assessments are required and what it would entail for their specific situation. This should not be mandated by the state. Oppose Not heard by the House. None. This bill did not pass during the 2017 session.
SB 115 Compulsory Education Revisions Removes criminal penalties on parents whose children are truant. Our government should be supporting parents and the education decisions they make for their children, not arresting them. Support Failed in the Senate 13-16. None. This bill did not pass during the 2017 session.
HB 215 Reproductive Health Education and Services Amendments This bill would dramatically and inappropriately change the way sexual education is taught in Utah schools. Even more, it would repeal key elements of existing law thereby allowing: schools to promote abortion services to minors; use public funds on abortion services for minors without parental consent; remove the requirement for parental notification when contraceptives are provided to a minor. We should be seeking more parental involvement in this sensitive topic, not removing them. Oppose Failed in the House Education Committee by a vote of 2-12-0 None. Thank you to everyone that contacted the committee to help stop this bill.
HB 137 Public Education Curriculation Requirements Requires the State School Board inform the legislature if the state sexual education curriculum is changed. This would include a report on the source for the new curriculum. Also moves more decision making to local school districts regarding a parent's ability to opt their child out of this instruction. This is an important bill for increasing transparency and local control. Support Held by the House Education Committee None. This bill did not pass during the 2017 session.
SB 240 Local School Options Allows local schools, charter schools, or local school districts to replace certain state requirements with locally created policies with the approval of the State School Board. Possible areas of exemption include employee and teacher evaluations, performance compensation, and evaluation/compensation of administrators. This is a good first move towards increased local control in our schools. Support Held by the Senate Education Committee None. This bill did not pass during the 2017 session.

Federal Legislation

We primarily focus on state and local legislation as we can impact those most effectively, however we will let you know of federal legislation if it has a substantial impact on education.

Bill # Title Description Local Ed Stance Action