Davis for Local Education

Elected Officials - 2017/2018

Contact information for Davis County elected officials

Contacting your elected officials regarding critical issues is one of the most important steps we can take, especially during the legislative session.

If you are uncertain who your elected officials are, use our step-by-step guide to identify them.

If you are looking for the contact information for the members of the Senate and House Education Committees, you can find that here.

Office District Name Email Phone Number
Governor All Gary Herbert Governor's email service here 1-(801)-538-1000

Office District Name Email Phone Number
State Senate 18 Ann Millner amillner@le.utah.gov Cell: 1-801-900-3897
State Senate 20 D. Gregg Buxton gbuxton@le.utah.gov Home: 1-801-707-7095
State Senate 21 Jerry Stevenson jwstevenson@le.utah.gov Cell: 1-801-678-3147
State Senate 22 J. Stuart Adams jsadams@le.utah.gov Home: 1-801-593-1776
State Senate 23 Todd Weiler tweiler@le.utah.gov Cell: 1-801-599-9823

Office District Name Email Phone Number
State House 11 Kelly Miles kmiles@le.utah.gov Not Available
State House 12 Mike Schultz mikeschultz@le.utah.gov 1-801-859-7713
State House 13 Paul Ray pray@le.utah.gov 1-801-725-2719
State House 14 Karianne Lisonbee karilisonbee@le.utah.gov 1-801-589-2934
State House 15 Brad Wilson bradwilson@le.utah.gov 1-801-425-1028
State House 16 Steve Handy stevehandy@le.utah.gov 1-801-979-8711
State House 17 Stewart Barlow sbarlow@le.utah.gov 1-801-289-6699
State House 18 Timothy Hawkes thawkes@le.utah.gov 1-801-294-4494
State House 19 Ray Ward rayward@le.utah.gov 1-801-440-8765
State House 20 Becky Edwards beckyedwards@le.utah.gov 1-801-554-1968

Office District Name Email Phone Number
State School Board 4 Jennifer Graviet jgraviet@wsd.net 1-801-920-9309
State School Board 5 Laura Belnap lbelnap@utahonline.org 1-801-699-7588

Office District Name Email Phone Number
County School Board 1 Liz Mumford Not Available
County School Board 2 John Robison Not Available
County School Board 3 Julie Tanner 1-801-497-0502
County School Board 4 Brigit Gerrard Not Available
County School Board 5 Gordon Eckersley 1-801-628-5287
County School Board 6 Mona Andrus 1-801-721-3140
County School Board 7 Tamara Lowe 1-801-776-0870

You can also find more detailed information on our Davis County School Board page